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Etiquette for writing guest names

You need everything perfect and right in your wedding invitation. Hence here some words of you on how to write guest names….

Invitation etiquette demands the use of Full name with titles and middle names.

Here are the rules in simple words for you.

For formal invitations…..

  • Use Mr. and Mrs. Vimal Roshan. It is wrong to use Mr. and Mrs Nirmala Vimal Roshan. You can also write as Nirmala and Vimal Roshan.
  • Always use full name and ‘Mr. and ‘Mrs’ are the accepted abbreviations.
  • It is better to use ‘Mr’ than ‘Mister”
  • Give the word ‘and’ instead of using ampersand “&”
  • Instead of short from write in full as ‘Reverend’, ‘Doctor’, ‘Lieutenant’, ‘Colonel’ etc

Use of children name

Mr. and Mrs Vimal Roshan

Aadith, Akshay and Amritha

That is children name should be given in one line separated by commas in order of their birth date; that is from oldest to youngest. Don’t give comma for two children. Just separate them with ‘and’. And most importantly no full names for children.

Ms and Miss

You can use the title “Ms” for any woman above the age of 21. There is no need to represent 35 years old unmarried woman as Miss Vimala Kapur. You can use ‘Ms’ since this is used for both social and business world.

When both of you are doctors

You have to mention woman first like

Doctor Nirmala Vimal Roshan

Doctor Vimal Roshan

The same format is used when wife is the doctor and not husband

Doctor Nirmala Vimal Roshan

Mr. Vimal Roshan

What about widow?

Widow’s invitation should be addressed like “Mrs. Vimal Roshan” and not Mrs. Nirmala Vimal Roshan”. “Mrs” refers to wife of a male. So it should always come in front of man’s name.

If widow’s is younger you can give it as “Ms. Nirmala Vimal Roshan”

Use of the word ‘and family’

This term sounds impersonal and it is not used in traditional wedding invitations. It is considerable when there are many children and usage of all of their names becomes impossible.